About Us

M Perfect Records is an anti-label.

What does that mean? Well, we want to help empower artists like a label should without the underhanded methods that so many labels have used to profit off of artists. Our goal is to have a symbiotic relationship with all of our artists. If you win, we win (and vice versa).

Our roster is curated.

Because we want to give our artists everything we can, we choose them carefully. This does not mean we only look for bands that will benefit us monetarily. All that matters is that we can get excited about what you are doing.

No project is too small (or too large).

Whether you are partnering with us for a single shirt design or for a double-album release campaign and subsequent world tour, we are here for you. Every project is different and will require a different set of resources.

We do per-item deals.

Many labels will give a band a seemingly large advance in exchange for a multi-album contract. This requires that the band stay with the label even if it is no longer a good fit.


We are not exclusive (but we'd like to be).

While we would love to service every facet of your artistry, we might not always be the best fit for your project. We understand that and are even happy to help you find a service that might be.